Pepperoni Manufactured in Northern Ireland 2017-11-11T15:12:14+00:00

We manufacture a range of semi-fermented pepperonis. We are also able to customize our product range to ensure that you can obtain a unique pepperoni for your pizzeria.

Varieties Available:

Spicy Pepperoni
Beef Pepperoni

All these products are available smoked.

All our taste-bud tingling varieties are available for sampling upon request.

This product is based on a traditional recipe, the taste has been modified to ensure a sweeter flavour that traditional salami’s. The product is semi-fermented and is packed in 1kg vacuum packs for your convenience.

Varieties Available:

Pork Salami
Beef Salami
Smoked Pork Salami
Smoked Beef Salami

All our delicious varieties are available as samples on request.

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