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Pulled Pork
This beautiful product will ‘meat’ all of your lunch time needs, and leave you wondering why you haven’t tasted such a thing before! The locally premium pork is brought in, cooked to perfection and delivered especially for you in 0.5kg, 1kg and 2kg packs, depending on how much you want to acquire.

This meat is suitable for any type of hand held snacks;

sandwiches toasties wraps bap ssliders
The mix of sweet and salty tastes is perfect for any type of snack: at barbecues, family dinners and even a weekday lunch for you or your children.

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Pulled Beef
Treat your tastebuds with our fantastic pulled beef, a delicious meal suitable for any occasion, for parties, for when guests are over or just for family dinner! Even more perfect used as a handheld snack, in a bun or a sandwich, delicious! All our beef (and pork) is sourced locally with you in mind. us a call to get your hands on this amazing meat!